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Environment Artist


Job Title: Part-Time Environment Artist

Company: CinemaMotions LLC.

Location: [REMOTE]

Position Overview:

CinemaMotions LLC is seeking a talented and motivated Part-Time Environment Artist to join our creative team. The Environment Artist will play a key role in designing and constructing immersive and visually captivating 3D environments for our interactive projects, cinematic experiences, and virtual reality applications.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Environment Design: Collaborate with the art and design teams to conceptualize and create visually stunning 3D environments that align with the project's creative direction and narrative.

2. Modeling and Texturing: Produce high-quality 3D models and textures for both organic and architectural elements within the game world, ensuring they are optimized for real-time rendering.

3. Asset Integration: Implement 3D assets into the game engine, optimizing their performance and maintaining consistency with the project's visual style.

4. Quality Assurance: Conduct regular quality checks to ensure that the environments meet performance and visual standards, making necessary adjustments as required.

5. Team Collaboration: Work closely with artists, designers, and developers to ensure that the environmental art seamlessly integrates with the overall game or project.

6. Research and Innovation: Stay updated on industry trends and emerging technologies to bring innovative techniques and tools to the environment creation process.


- Proficiency in 3D modeling software (e.g., Maya, Blender, 3ds Max).

- Strong skills in texture creation and material setup.

- Experience with game engines (e.g., Unity, Unreal Engine) and a basic understanding of real-time rendering.

- Solid understanding of composition, color theory, and lighting principles.

- A portfolio showcasing your environment art skills, including examples of both natural and architectural environments.

- Strong communication and teamwork skills.

- Ability to work independently and meet deadlines.

How to Apply:

If you are a passionate Environment Artist with a keen eye for detail and a desire to help us create unforgettable cinematic experiences, we encourage you to apply. Please submit your resume, cover letter, and a link to your portfolio to with the subject line "Part-Time Environment Artist Application - [Your Name]".

CinemaMotions LLC. is an equal opportunity employer, and we welcome applicants from all backgrounds to apply.

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